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brick wall picture with dining furniture, bedroom furniture and living room furniture on it from Cirencester

Our history and reputation for delivering exceptional hardwood furniture has also led to us developing a speciality in high quality painted furniture. Our sister company The Painted Furniture Co. Was born out of a desire to source and develop a collection of painted furniture which would meet all of the exacting high standards we apply to our other wood furniture.

The first of these was the renowned Cotswold Collection, a beautiful solid oak collection in its own right. Rather than develop a cheap ineffective furniture range and then paint it to hide its deficiencies, we decided to turn the painted furniture model on its head and start out with something we know to be the best of breed and then paint it in a range of superb modern colours, further adding to its beauty.

The collection was so well received that it soon became clear that we needed a specialist site to deal specifically with the painted furniture side of the business.

In 2012 we launched which has since grown into the Uk’s largest specialist retailer of painted furniture.

Since then the original Cotswold collection has been joined by a whole plethora of other high quality painted furniture collections, including the award winning Oxford Painted Furniture and Island Breeze collections.

Both are British designed and British made furniture collections with a real difference and available in some stunning contemporary colours.

If the latest trends in painted furniture are what you are looking for then you will find a few among the collections on this site, but to see the whole range we would strongly recommend a visit to The Painted Furniture Company.


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